THM Malware Analysis Pathway


At a high level, the series can be broken down into the following flowchart:


Where the symbols indicate different room styles and varying degrees of difficulty that you can expect:

Shape Style of Room Style of Room
Squared Rectangles Walkthrough A guided introduction to a topic and/or technique(s)
Rounded Rectangles Walkthrough/Challenge The two archetypes of Malware Analysis
Hexagons Challenge Little to no guidance will be provided, you will be expected to use your knowledge from the previous rooms to accomplish these rooms.

However, whilst rooms throughout the series are considered walkthroughs, there is an expectation that you are willing to apply your knowledge, Research and experiment. It’s a tough topic - so brace yourselves…

Some of this series will be using content and tools that have been excellently introduced on TryHackMe such as BP: Volatility, Intro to x86 & x64 and Wireshark 0x01.

This is the recommended route for completing the series:

  1. Malware Series Primer - Released

  2. MP: Introductory (you’re here!) - Awaiting Review

  3. MP: Research

  4. MP: Strings - Awaiting Review

  5. MP: Imports

  6. MP: REMnux - Released

  7. MP: Static Summary

  1. MP: Persistence

  2. MP: Network Activity

  3. MP: Forensics (Memory)

  4. MP: Cerber Investigation

  5. MP: WannaCry Investigation

  6. MP: Dynamic Summary