Jupyter 101

Published on: 03/02/2020


I created this room for the TryHackMe (THM) Platform whom has extensive pentesting challenges, however lacks in programming (a bit part of pentesting) challenges.

I found a gap here to introduce Data Science to the community, and as it appears - it's been of great interest!

The room covers how Jupyter works, what comprises a Notebook, as well as a practical approach to handling and plotting data with Pandas and Matplotlib appropriately.

Statistics as of 27/02/2020

  • 82 Active Users (Users can leave room after completion)


I recieved an extensive set of feedback from MuirlandOracle who was a great guinea pig throughout my creation of the room.

Other then that, the popularity of the Room has inspired me to create more content that further explores Data Science on the platform in the near future.


It was my first ever room creation THM, so understanding the process of creating the tasks / challenges and uploading the matierial was teething problems.

Additionally, as the room had to be cloud-deployable (which Jupyter is a bit of a pain to do), it taught me some unconventional ways of launching oddly-sensitive services such as Jupyter and making them both persistent and accessible for all.