UoG SU: Ben Eriksson for “Student of the Year” Gnomies 2020


Running for such "campaign" is somewhat arguably brazen and requires substantial justification for such. Hopefully, my contributions towards the University, the Students here and the wider general population as a whole prove justification to my "campaign" if not the least - some insight into my character.

I encourage you to read further amongst the post, but if you'd like to vote for me as "Student of the Year", you can do so via the following form:


I'll detail the various efforts I have pursued throughout my time being a University of Gloucestershire student - let alone this year, especially throughout the following post.

A lot of my time at the University of Gloucestershire has revolved around volunteering and contributing to the provision of student welfare, learning resources, and the general public.

Albeit, I don't think you should be credited for volunteering solely. However, I think endorsing fellow like-minded Students to contribute however they can is absolutely worthwhile. In which I hope the First Aid Society has proven to be a good pillar for such behaviour - improving the surroundings of both ourselves and those around us.


Cliff Notes:

  • UoG First Aid Society President, delivering first-aid workshops to Students and Societies and provisioning first-aid cover for fundraisers.

  • St John Ambulance Volunteer for 2 years, covering everything from gold-cup week with 70k attendees every day during the COVID-19 pandemic, to actively in deployment in response for NHS Relief regarding the pandemic.

  • Establishing a society into a government-committed partnership with local authoritative trusts such as Police and SWAST alongside the Cheltenham Pastors and Guardians.

  • A Community GooodSAM 999 Responder for a Year

  • Investing resources into developing an interactive learning zone for Cyber Security Students (UoG Defcon)

  • Facilitating the UoG LGBT+ Society to have virtual meetups, where collaborative e-learning takes place from members. I help facilitate this via programming a Discord Bot, hosting a Minecraft server amongst various other things to their requests, to help with "isolation" during the current COVID-19 situation.

  • Represented the University of Gloucestershire at CovHack2020 and won their "Capture the Flag" Cybersecurity competition against approximately 130 other contestants

President of UoG First Aid Society (UoG FAS)

A former St John Ambulance-led Society in 2013, the Society disbanded due to the very extensive level of qualification and time commitment required by committee members (E.g. attending 2-week long courses, to name a few...) I started the Society back up to ultimately promote student welfare. I have been the key player (amongst the help of my committee members) in registering the First Aid Society under the Cheltenham Council NightSafe Scheme


Providing First-Aid Workshops

As an appropriately qualified member of St John Ambulance and President of UoG FAS, I have been providing first-aid training workshops to fellow society members as well as other Societies, integrating with societies in promoting student welfare, such as our Awareness & Wellbeing Website

UoG FAS Volunteering Experience

Covering Peoples Vote March

With the help of Des Q., an essential individual both in the pursuit of my studies, as well as being a very genuine person whom I can depend upon as a close friend, we approached the Cheltenham Peoples Vote Organisers and provisioned the first-aid cover in London for the participants and organisers.

(Me, left. Des pictured right)

Covering UoG Pub Sports' "Help for Heroes" Fundraiser

We were privileged to be approached by the UoG Pub Sports Society who asked for our help in commissioning first-aid assurance in their "Help for Heroes" march which raised a great amount of £99.54. The cause for fundraising alone is fantastic and a really refreshing sight from Societies within the University of Gloucestershire - Help for Heroes would not of facilitated this fundraiser without the appropriate first-aid qualification that I provided.


St John Volunteer

I have been a St John Volunteer throughout my studies at University, it has been an absolute privilege - whilst a very intense journey at it. Covering events ranging from Easter-egg hunts, the infamous Cheltenham Gold Cup Week (especially during COVID-19) to school football fixtures and to the upcoming ten-tours.

With St. John alone this academic year I have clocked in just under-towards 90 or so hours.

As of current (01/04/2020) I am apart of the NHS relief program - particularly with St. John Ambulance, in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Community Responder

I have been registered with the Good Samaritan App, a community-responder focused driven push by Ambulance Trust such as SWAST that facilitates 999 to direct community responders to incidents instead of valuable ambulances.

The picture below should be taken with a pinch of salt, considering it counts "volunteering hours" as hours when you are available for call-out. However, I have attended callouts through this app.


Amongst my studies here at the University of Gloucestershire, I have been imploring my skills of Cybersecurity outside of academia, more specificially into a platform that has seen a reserved 25,000 user growth within the last 5 months. On this platform, not only have I been creating content for like-minded individuals in Cybersecurity, I've been vetted through-and-through for my ability to communicate and resolve issues that users of this platform experience.

Alongside this platform of which I am ranked 40 out of 36871~ users (02/04/2020), I have been investigating into provisioning interactive learning resources for fellow computing students to use here at the University.

My participation in the CovHack competition only attributes to the dedication I have to apply my obtained skills from the lecturers here - where I ended up winning against approximmately 140 other participants - despite it being my first time attending an event such as that. I was up against members of fellow Students (I.e. Coventry, Birmingham, Plymouth) who have dedicated teams / students for this type of activity.


I hope the above has at the very minimum provided a good insight to my character alongside a albeit-brief view into the extracurricular activities I outtake alongside my University studies at the University of Gloucestershire.

To Des, you've played a really key ingredient in helping towards the Society - but most importantly, being there as a fantastic friend throughout my studies here. It's beyond an absolute genuine pleasure to of met you! Thank you for the great times, and attending the various events with me alongside running the UoG First Aid Society.

My 2020 “Resolutions”

I wouldn’t say I’m one for the whole “new years resolutions” thing – be it making them – or keeping them. I think we should be constantly seeking to improve both our surroundings and that of those around us, no matter time of the year…It’s never too late to start! Read more….