My 2020 “resolutions”

I wouldn\'t say I\'m one for the whole new years resolutions thing - be it making them - or keeping them. I think we should be constantly seeking to improve both our surroundings and that of those around us, no matter time of the year…It\'s never too late to start! It\'s also important to understand that despite human nature, it IS okay to maintain the balance of your life - if it is all encompassingly healthy. Don\'t fix it if it isn\'t broken…right? But why also stop at the glass ceiling. But, I\'ve been making a real effort in introducing a new workflow in my life throughout the last couple of Months: the simple To-Do list. Simply recording what I want/need to do such as coursework or projects, how I can fit it into my very busy schedule and creating a routine around it has genuinely improved my productivity ten-fold. So, I thought, why not extend this new found attitude of making To Do lists for the whole of 2020? Or as others call it, a new years resolution of type of gig for the things I want to achieve throughout 2020? Well, here they are.

1. Graduate

Yeah, that\'s a pretty big one, I\'m only Months away now! It\'s rather daunting. But seriously, I can\'t wait to graduate and get back into the routine of working (and the paycheck that comes with it!) I\'ve been investing a lot of energy into (hopefully the right) potential opportunities, and I guess I\'ll only find out in due course!

2. Networking

I\'d like to think I\'ve made a pretty good start to this towards the end of 2019. In the context of industry networking as well as just getting to know other like-minded individuals. As it turns out, there\'s some real cool people out there in various communities, whom I\'d wish I met sooner if I allowed myself. Im slowly overcoming the often inconvenient issues of my some-what introverted nature - which I\'m seeing improve daily! I really want to progress this throughout 2020. Getting to know more people, networking within the industry, and finally attending as many Talks / Conferences / Hackathons as I can for the first time. If anyone\'s going to CovHack 2020, I am too! Its my first one so, if anyone wants to teach me the etiquette, I\'m all ears. With that, if you\'re UK-based, or just generally have similar interests honestly get in touch! I\'m not saying we have to connect on Linkedin…yet…But, lets strike up a convo!

3. Projects

I\'ve been doing a whole heap of learning these last few years, with fingers in many pies. But, I haven\'t really applied this knowledge? Or well…I have, but nothing really that I can do the equivalent of a kid showing their Mum what he drew at School that day. AKA adding to a portfolio. Lets fix that this year, and I\'m already doing so, I\'ve had GitHub since circa 2016~ and all I used it for was just forking repo\'s of things that I’d like to learn and experiment with. Never ever contributing. Now, I\'m uploading my code snippets, payloads and applications I\'m making throughout my studies, as well as implementing the technologies that I\'ve learnt outside of the course E.g. Docker containerization, Python, Infrastructure - especially those I\'ve taught myself and from my apprenticeship. One of these being UoG CTF I really want to publish the configs such as Docker files, Ansible and Terraform scripts that I\'ve been playing with, documenting my foray into them - eventually releasing little programs once my proficiency in programming improves!

4. Pursue my Volunteering

I\'ve spent the best part of two years in joining SJA, and was such an awarding experience when I officially completed enrolment and all trainings in November 2019. I\'ve covered a few big events with thousands of crowds, and I have absolutely loved the people I\'ve volunteered with. I absolutely love it, so much so that I\'ve volunteered at the same places where I could of done the exact same hours, for a very decent hourly wage instead.

5. Onwards and Upwards!

I\'ve got a few other internal conflicts that I\'ve been remediating over the last few years. Sometimes they\'ve done polar opposites in really motivating me - to really restricting myself from opportunities. I\'m regulating it a lot better recently, and I intend to keep on at it! AKA - Watch this space!